Friday update

HoneyBea stands in front of her girl, BabyBea, and Fern has her head in the feeder

The week is over and waiting is still the name of the lamb game.  Yesterday morning we let Beezus and her twins out into the paddock.  It’s always a real pleasure to see the babies as they explore their new world.  By yesterday afternoon they had engaged BabyBea and were doing the twilight romp around the paddock:  up the hill, over the big rock, and back down again and around the hay feeders.  It’s one of my most favorite things to watch.  The only thing that makes it any more dramatic is if there are goat kids in the mix… then it’s a scream!  Sharing the pure joy of being alive with them is such a precious gift.

The weather has turned a little cooler today and the wind has really come up.  I hope that Fuzzy and Fern have their lambs this weekend.  It’s really time!


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