Guinea count

Happy guinea fowl

For the past 7 or 8 months we have had a small roving band of chickens which included our lone guinea male.  He tagged along with the Henny Penny and the two roosters for part of the day, but always ended up by himself calling inconsolably for his mate, who was dragged off early last summer.  He calls for hours every day and was beginning to drive us crazy!

Last week our neighbor decided that he no longer wanted his guinea fowl as he is starting to plant his garden and doesn’t want them digging up the seed.  My husband wasn’t sure that I would want more in the yard again, but I thought it might give our guinea boy some peers and maybe even some solace.  So we brought them down and it’s been amazing!  Our male took right to the little group and now we have 5 happy guineas wandering the property again.  Every once in awhile they set up the alarm, but no longer do we have one screaming for company any more.  Phew.  I love it when a plan works!


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