Not a peep or a baa, just a squeak

Fern's babies run to keep up with her

That’s right, we still are waiting on Esther!  But it’s ok, the weather is beautiful and it’s the beginning of our April break from school.  I am ready!

Last night while I was out feeding our bottle girl her nighttime feed I stayed out in the sheep paddock to enjoy the stars and the balmy night.  I was listening to the peepers and I began to hear a rhythmic squeak followed by a little hiccup.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on and went to a spot near one of the greenhouses where we usually get wood frogs at this time of year, although it’s so dry I couldn’t imagine that any were hiding over there.  But it was such a curious sound that I kept looking.

Tracking down the source proved to be quite amusing!.  It was a lamb using his learner’s permit for cudding!  He was all but dead to the world, then every so often a little squeak would come from his belly and a few seconds later I could see a little ball of cud shoot up into his mouth and his little jaws would chew it up…  the whole time with his eyes closed.  I would have thought that each little pop would have awakened him fully, but it didn’t.  It was hysterical.

This lovely weather and lambs are so much fun.  All the ewes were sitting in the shade wherever they could find it this afternoon.  A little taste of summer in April.  Nice.

(Left photo: Fuzzy Lumpkin and one of her boys are cuddled up so sweetly!)


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