Fun Friday

I feel like vacation is over :*(    We still have the weekend, but the rain is coming, and as much as I know that we need it desperately, it is a Force to Be Reckoned With.  In terms of doing chores, that is.  Today was warm and breezy, but when the breeze let up the black fly babies just cruised right in and bit up my face and my ears.  I can’t complain too much, but it is a pain.

This morning we had a little bit of excitement:  the ewes and lambs pushed through one of the cattle panels and were wandering around up near the garden.  I was running late for chores and as I headed up the driveway I realized that the sheep were out and I ran back to alert my husband to the news.  I got a temporary fence up around them and then we set to grabbing lambs and putting them back into the paddock.  We really did quite well except for Esther the Enigma and Zorro the Llama.  I ended up leaving them in the temporary area as I did not want to chase pregnant Esther around too much, and we don’t really worry a lot about Zorro as he can hold his own even without a fence.  As the morning wore on and the black flies got really busy, I went up to the paddock and invited Esther back into the “real” area and she came without batting an eyelash (her favorite spot when the bugs get bad is up in the lambing greenhouse).  Zorro followed me in without a backward glance this evening when I was putting out the grain for everyone.  I can always count on him to come for that!


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