And Esther winds up the 2012 lambing season

Esther finally got around to going into labor.  Not that it was obvious to me at all on the 11 PM check!  All was peaceful and everyone was lying down and cudding about then and by 2 AM we had a problem.  John came in from a middle of the night check and let me know that Esther had a head and ears hanging out and no front legs to be seen. A big white head with bulgy eyes and the tongue sticking out.  It’s a shocking sight and always gives me a fright.

We got our gear together and of course I couldn’t push the head back in to get both legs out, but I was able to get one of the front legs extended and we pulled the large, white ram.  Poor guy, he had had hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and he really took a long time to get up and active.  (All of his mucous membranes are bloodred because of that).  In the meantime his sister was all ready to go, but her elbows were locked around Esther’s pelvis, and none of the ewe’s pushing was getting anywhere, so we needed to help her out a little bit.  She is a beautiful black ewe with wonderful white lightning markings on her face.

Needless to say that we are totally exhausted and ready for many nights of uninterrupted sleep!  The fun doesn’t end there, however, as we were not sure that the ram lamb was actually getting much milk.  His temperature was a little down, and Esther kept pushing him off her teat, so I finally remembered to check his teeth, and two of them were very sharp.  I filed them down with a nail file and I think that it actually helped.  They seem to be coming along, but every time I go in there Esther gives me the wild-eyed look and although she doesn’t stamp at me, I get the message.  Esther just doesn’t want to let me in on what she has for those babes!  She is a chip off the old Norma block in that way and I think I am just going to have to trust that she has enough milk to feed those lambies.  We will weigh them tomorrow and keep our fingers crossed.  The wind is really blowing today and the temperature has dropped so we want the lambs to get enough milk to stay warm.

I can’t believe it’s finally done :*)


5 thoughts on “And Esther winds up the 2012 lambing season”

  1. Hope you can enjoy some sleep now. Just had to pop in and say I miss your cheese. Dan’s found a new source from another teacher, but her’s just isn’t as good!

  2. Finally have a chance to catch up on blogs after the Maryland rush. What a last lambing to have! Congrats on getting that boy out OK. I hate those presentations more than any other.

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