Green and gold days

Lupine’s last fleece drying on the rack

I have been very bad about blogging lately.  It’s been crazy times at work and outside of work I am trying to focus on getting ready for the Fiber Frolic in a week and a half.  Here’s hoping that Memorial Day weekend is a nice one, because I have a lot of work to do!  But at the very least, the trees are greening up nicely and when the sun is out the new leafy greenness is very uplifting.

I would love to get more yarn space-dyed and a few more fleeces washed.  I may card up some of the fleeces into batts as I don’t have much roving around right now.  So to that end I spent most of Sunday washing Lupine’s last fleece from 2010.  It is still a winner, very lustrous with long beautiful locks.  I hand wash my fleeces in small batches in the kitchen sink, drying it out back on a piece of lobster trap wire.  So I hustled all day doing batch after batch, and it’s almost all clean.  I am going to try and wash a black fleece as well so I can card up some contrasting fleece colors.

I also did some potting up of some of the plants that I like to keep in containers.  Sage and thyme, right out the back door for ready to use convenience, and my favorites the geraniums.  I usually plant white alyssum with them but I couldn’t get any last weekend at the nursery.    So the rains are coming and going but we are managing to struggle along between the downpours!

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