And the rain keeps on and on and on

The Fiber Frolic’s second day turned out to be a wet one, but a good one as well.  People came out regardless of the weather and we met a lot of really nice folks.  Got to talk sheep, fleece, roving and yarn all day!  Can’t think of anything better, especially when I get to talk about my girls :*)

Talking about our beautiful girls is not a chore, but a pleasure!

I made a tour around the show quickly this morning when I got the booth set up.  There weren’t many folks coming through the gate at 8:30, so I had a chance to walk around with my friend Chris and we had a lovely time visiting with a few other vendors, the most notable one being Robbie Portella of Maple Lane Pottery!  Robbie and I met very early on in our sojourn in Maine.  She is a very talented potter, and I have a growing collection of her work.  It has just the right whimsical animal touch, and I cannot resist a piece or two every year!  Robbie is also a librarian and we have known each other through that end of the spectrum as well for the past 10 years.  When I think about how lucky I am to have fallen into friendship with people like Robbie, Chris, Pam, Christine, Esther, Heather, Anna and all of our comrades in fiber, I feel truly blessed.

And now it’s really time for bed.  I woke up at 3 a.m. this morning and never got back to sleep.  I think it’s time!

And so it goes.  The rain is still pounding on the roof and the wind is still blowing.  Hoping tomorrow finds us a little lest wet.  I am hoping that our road doesn’t wash out.  It will be close!


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