Whirlwind catch-up and last day of school

Feeling like I have not had two moments to get to blogging in the past week or two.  The Maine Fiber Frolic was a wonderful weekend even though we got some pretty heavy rains.  People came out and it was fantastic to meet and interact with everyone.  The month of frenzied preparation is over and I am trying to take a deep breath, without much luck until today.

Our new little piggies. Red Wattle/Large Black and Red Wattle/Berkshire crosses.

Other than the Fiber Frolic, things have been totally crazy.  End of the school year is chock full of extra activities and out of school appearances, and on the farm we have also been looking forward to setting up a new area for this years’ piggies.    So that took some work to set up, and with all this rain, the grass and weedy stuff has gotten so long that it has presented its own challenges.  Moving 16′ galvanized cattle panels is always a challenge for me, but the long grass only complicates things exponentially!  But our beautiful pigs have landed and we are enjoying them immensely.  Harold and Maude, this is your life!

Our yellow and pink moth

With the warmer weather we are finding some pretty interesting things out here.  When I got Bonbel up on the milk stand to feed her breakfast this morning, I saw one of my favorite moths in the greenhouse.  It’s a beautiful yellow and pink one.  Just spectacular!  And that was a great point in another busy day.  But the last formal day of school for the year.  I still have plenty of work to get caught up on, but at the very least, I don’t have to set the alarm for 4:20 tomorrow!!!  That’s a great start to a little bit of relaxing time.


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