Year of the white ruminant babies continues

Pippi’s girls

Last night Pippi did it!  She had her kids a little before 10 P.M.  When I went out about 10:15 to check on her I knew something was going on even before I got into the paddock.  All the ewes and lambs along with Zorro were standing in a semi-circle, staring at one corner in complete silence.  When I got over there, one tiny doe was on her feet and the second one was on the ground, still covered in amniotic fluid and a little blood.  Pippi was singing to them and cleaning them off.  So we got them into the greenhouse pen and they immediately got to looking for breakfast and they appear to be doing very well this morning.  Pippi is a great mom and she is taking care of her girls well as usual.

We had really thought hard about taking the babies from Pippi at birth and bottle rearing them so that I would immediately have milk, most of which would go to bottle feeding the babies, and some for us.  But I just can’t stand watching a mama goat talking and chortling to her babies, and know that nature has made it work for them to raise their young well.  I know that bottle raising does insures that they will be much friendlier and easier to handle in the long run, but in the end I couldn’t go there.  I am a wimp!

Pippi’s girls are a very average baby goat size, although in contrast to the lambs who are at least 3 months old, they are teeny!

Curiosity in the greenhouse last night. The lambs can’t figure out what those little noisemakers are!

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