Goat events are now closed

Bonbel did us a huge favor today and she had her kids mid-afternoon.  It was wonderful.  She was in the greenhouse and as John was leaving to do an errand he spotted her in labor.  I had just gotten home from the Saturday farmer’s market and was finishing the car unloading when John called me to get up there.  I am happy to say that we did not need to intercede or help her in any way.  She is a great goatie mama and her girls (yes, two more doelings!!!) are beautiful.  So we have our complement of babies for 2012 :*)

Bonbel’s first girl

The interesting thing about these girls is that they both have gigantic ears!  We are not used to that with LaMancha goats.  But last winter when we were trying to get them bred, we ended up taking our two girls down to Sea Breeze Farm in Friendship where they have amazingly beautiful Saanen goats.  A little bit different, but wonderful genetics all around.

And she is on her feet!

Our Pippi is a purebred LaMancha and that is why her two babies only have slightly larger ears than their mama.  But Bonbel’s grandfather, Stinky Pete, was an Alpine/Saanen cross so I believe that this has made the big ears a possibility.  And we have ears the size of Jingle the Donkey’s!  They are extremely sweet and very vigorous babies.  I love them!  Milking will begin in short order :*)

And number two makes her appearance!

One thought on “Goat events are now closed”

  1. The little goat babies are beautiful! Good for you, leaving them with their mammas for a little bit, though I may be a bit biased as I am dreading the onset of weaning time soon.

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