Recap of the last week

(Warning:  goatie woo-woo and birth photos are included in the slideshow!)

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The rainy summer days are continuing.  But today held a promise of some nicer weather, with some dryer breezes and less humidity.  It was the day we had chosen to let Pippi and her doelings out of their pen in the greenhouse.  She had been wormed 24 hours ago and it was time.  And we really weren’t expecting terrible rains today, so midday it was!  The girls stayed close to their mama, and even when they went off to play on the big rock at the top of the paddock, she stayed near and gave them a lot of advice!

Of course today had a totally crazy start.  We had company last night and went to bed on the late side for us.  And at 4:30 this morning I sat straight up in bed, listening to a ram lamb wailing piteously in the paddock and his mother answering in a very muffled manner.  I really thought that maybe the little guy had gotten stuck someplace and I shot out of bed and got dressed and ran up there.  When I got halfway up the driveway I realized that it was a little more general an alarm than I had anticipated.  They were all out!  We had a breach in the cattle panels where I had built a chicken-wire post filled with rocks that were supporting a t-post that didn’t have a lot of depth on the ledgey hillside.  Apparently the chicken wire let go and the rocks blew all over, releasing the panels and there was an opening just big enough for the adventuresome souls to poke through.  Esther’s youngest babies were afraid to go through the gap, so they were calling to their mother who was definitely outside the fence!  A group of lambs were in the garden, and the rest were wandering around in the weeds.  Always an adventure!  John came up and it didn’t take long to get them re-penned.  I wimped out and went back to bed for an hour or so.  Thank goodness it’s summer break!


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