Doelings take a ride

Moms transferred into the alternate paddock look quite content

Busy days.  Yesterday we penned all the ewes and lambs first thing and we checked their Famacha scores and wormed them.  You are supposed to do that on an empty stomach so that the wormer takes effect better, so that was our early job.  Then we separated all but one of the mama ewes from the lambs and put them into the other paddock.  And that began the crazed calling and crying that has continued into the day today.  All of these lambs are very past due for weaning, but it wasn’t really convenient for a number of reasons.  The only mom who is staying with her lambs is Esther as she had her babies so much later than the others.  She has not gotten the very best nutrition as I had to cut down on the grain for the other moms.  So she needs to stay with the market lambs and get more grain before she heads down to the field.

Doelings at play on their favorite rock

And then the big trip to the vet’s today with our four doelings.  It was time for their disbudding.  I really hate doing this, but the vet does it very efficiently and they get a shot of Banamine which is an anti-inflammatory so I think they are more comfortable.  They were a little dozy on the way home through the torrential downpours and by the time we got back to the farm they were hopping around in the back of the Subaru and checking things out through the back window.  They got with their mamas right away and within minutes they were out playing on the big rock.  A few more things to check off the list!


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