Doeling’s big day

Last night I checked on all the little does and they were still looking good and I went to bed thinking that they would all be fine.  Wrong!  Got out to do chores this morning and as I walked up to the paddocks I saw the sheep lying up on the hill as usual, and the two mama goats with their babies lined up inside the greenhouse as usual, only something was definitely amiss.  Yowzer.  All of those beautiful white goaties looked like they had been through the wars, or that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre had been reenacted during the night.  All from one of Pippi’s girls.  The edge of one of her hornbuds had probably gotten torn (or the skin around it had during the disbudding and opened up) and I couldn’t even see her face for all the blood.  As we all know, head wounds bleed like a bugger, but what with the whiteness of their coats it really looked spectacularly awful.

One of Pippi’s girls at rest with John after the blood had stopped and she was all cleaned up

Our little one didn’t even try to stop me from scooping her up and running back to the house.  I skidded into the bathroom with her and John got her settled and worked on getting some of the blood off  of her.  Particularly her poor little face!  I ran back up and fed all the animals, because at this point they were a little perturbed that I had made an appearance and then disappeared just as quickly, and were creating a racket.  We had to call our friend Pam at Hatchtown Farm because I could not put my hands on the bloodstop powder.  She gave us a little baggie and we made a paste out of iodine and the powder and got it onto her newly cleaned up hornbud and then kept sprinkling more bloodstop powder on it.  Eventually we got her relatively clean, returned to her mama and reunited with all her cousins.  She definitely cuddled right up to Pippi and after a nosh she went to sleep.

Reunited with mama and cousins

It’s looking good now and it hasn’t even oozed at all.    We have been checking on her during the day and all seems well.  I just hope that this is enough to do it, because the flies are terrible out there and that is my biggest fear of all, getting flystrike.  Yuck.


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