4th of July

Bonbel’s girls staying out of trouble for once!

We spent the rest of yesterday checking on our little doelings and making sure that they had fly repellent on them.  Our special little one spent most of the day tucked in beside her mother sleeping, and I have to give Pippi a lot of credit, she hung with her baby until dinnertime without being far from her.  By the time I did chores last night the little one was playing hard with her sister and her cousins while the moms got down to serious eating.  So I think she is on the mend and her hornbud looks dry and hopefully uninviting to the local fly population!

Last night we had a wonderful meeting of our Salt Bay Treadlers in Damariscotta.  It was an extremely fun evening with plenty of food, laughter and spinning.  I got to bed a lot later than usual due to my asthma acting up, but it was ok as I didn’t have to get up at any specific time today.  It turned out to be a much more pleasant day than I had expected and I got a bunch of things accomplished.  I didn’t get down to the Round Pond parade due to my breathing, but I got some organizing around the kitchen done which made me feel a lot better.  And then I spent most of the afternoon catching up on a book I am reading, The Olive Farm by Carol Drinkwater.  I started this book a few years ago and then work got crazy and I put it aside.  It’s one of my favorite types of “adult” reading, a memoir of a woman changing her focus in life.  Buying an olive farm in Provence and all of the attendant woes is right up my alley.  I loved all of the Peter Mayle books about moving to Provence and I am equally enjoying Carol Drinkwater’s experiences in southern France.  It’s nice to be able to take a humid afternoon off to just sit and read and I am happy that I did.  Some of the stress of the schoolyear is beginning to ease.  It was a good day!

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