Peninsula is really clean! I can hardly believe it :*)

Clutter, clutter is everywhere in our lives and I usually feel that our home is more well-endowed than most.  I admit that I am not an enthusiastic housekeeper and my husband and I have so many involvements that we just have a lot of things around (like knitting, fiber, weaving projects, machinery, and books galore!).  And then there were all the complications in life like having a son and grandson living with us for about 3 years, and things got out of control amazingly quickly.

During the schoolyear I am barely in one place long enough to do more than drop things here and there and move on to the next task, and unfortunately that kind of living catches up with you if you aren’t much more organized than I am.  Every year as we get closer to summer break I create a long list  (I love making lists, just don’t follow them very well) of the things that I would like to try and accomplish over the summer, and organizing and de-cluttering our living areas is always at the very top of the list.  The last few summers have gotten rolling and moved past in a blink and I never got to the kitchen or the dining room or the living room.  Big sigh.

This summer began with such hot and humid asthma weather that I have taken a few days indoors and finally got down to doing something about the kitchen.  Walking into the dining room through the back sliding doors we have a peninsula of bookshelves on the dining room side that has been chock full of things we wanted nearby and didn’t know what else to do with.   This was really supposed to be a home for cookbooks and other things we need like stationary supplies, and part of the top of the counter had to be given over to the telephone and computer stuff like modem and router.  Until Thursday I couldn’t see the top of the counter and you couldn’t tell what was on those shelves for the junk that was stacked up in front of them as well.  So I sat myself down on the floor and I took my time getting everything off and cleaned (yuck the dust!) and then only put back those things that we really need and use.  I seriously weeded my cookbook collection and it probably could still be weeded further, but I have an emotional attachment to most of the ones that are left!

Now Tesser the Chihuahua has a much cleaner space to share in her little cat bed

I should have taken a “before” photo but I am not sure that anyone could have made out what they were supposed to be looking at, so I am just showing the “after” shots.  Phew!  In the process I threw some things on the dining room table that I still need to go through, but I tried not to do too much damage as I had just gotten that under semi-control a few weeks ago.  At least I can cross one item off the summer list.  Next target area is the upstairs loft which is supposed to be an organized fiber area.


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