Beach day

Thompson Point Beach

On Monday the weather was extremely perfect for a beach day.  Our friend Chris from Brunswick thought it would be a nice day to head over to Thompson Point Beach which is very close to her house.  So we did just that and stopped to pick up some sandwiches in town and then went straight over.  It must have been in the 70s, and even in the direct sun there was such a great breeze that it was comfortable.  It is actually a sandy beach (many Maine beaches are rocky and not very sandy) and it doesn’t open right onto the Gulf of Maine, but is at one side of a crooked inlet.  No waves, but the water was incredibly warm for Maine in July!

We had a nice picnic in the shade and then were toodling around in the shallow water when someone yelled that there were jellyfish!  Well, being from the NY/NJ area and having spent many a summer at the shore, I immediately got out before going over to investigate (having had some rather painful jellyfish encounters in my youth).  It most definitely was not jellyfish. Everywhere we looked were horseshoe crabs scooting along in the shallows.  And some of them looked like they were mating.  Very interesting and prehistoric creatures.  We all watched for awhile and Chris demonstrated how to pick it up without hurting it.

It was an amazingly lovely day and we ended up by going back to Chris’ house and doing some research on horseshoe crabs.  Amazing creatures!  The ERDG website is a very informative one dedicated to the conservation of the remaining 4 species of crabs.

Chris holds up a horseshoe without pulling on any of its appendages or tail
A pair of horseshoe crabs in the shallow water about halfway between high and low tide marks

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