Summer week

Sawyer is getting ready to do great things with his Play-Doh!

We have had a crazy but good week.  Spent a lot of time with our grandson and finally got our mama ewes down to the pasture we use, 1/2 mile down the road.  This involves popping one or two ewes into the back of my Subaru Forester – the Ewebaru – and winging down the street to lead them into the electric-netted area.  (Of course “popping” them into the back of the Subaru is not as easy as it sounds and it is a high-energy activity, one that we dread but know we need to accomplish).   John walked our donkey Jingle down to the pasture before we got the ewes down there.  When I was penning the ewes into a small area at the house to get ready for the move, one of them (Etti the Tank) broke through and I had to grab her and halter her and being alone here it was rather exciting.  But our son got down and helped me with the last two and so it was done.  Finally!

Sawyer and Bonbel’s doelings having a meet on the rock

Having our grandson visit and spend time with us is always enjoyable.  He is an amazing and wonderful child.  He loves “feeding the sheeps” and trudges to chores with his fireman’s boots and is of the age where he is walking in amongst the sheep and goats and enjoying the babies.  He is in love with our baby doelings, and they are in love with him. What a great time!


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