Busy and humid summer days

The weather has continued to be hot and humid and disgusting.  Typical of July, so I shouldn’t complain too much.  Last night it broke for a very brief moment and then we got some much needed rain overnight and the humidity came right back today.  I am trying to take it easy because of my asthma, but there were still things that needed doing.

Yesterday afternoon Sawyer and I went out and we moved some panels around (he dug in the dirt and played with buckets of water) so I could move the market group of lambs into the paddock that the field ewes had been in.  I really need to just get them fed up and ready for the late August butcher date.  I also included Esther and her lambs (the ones who were born almost a month later than all the other lambs) as well as Beezus, the ewe with the pre-pubic ligament rupture.  Esther is the only one in that group not going to the butcher, but she is in poorer shape than the other ewes that we ferried down to the field.  She will get down there in another few weeks.

Bonbel’s girls are playing in one of the hay feeders

In the meantime, the goats and a few of the ewe lambs that are either going to stay or who are going to be sold are together in the upper paddock.  It’s much easier to have the goats in the upper paddock as it is closer to the milking greenhouse, so that is what decided the move.  And the goats who are feeding kids are getting fed separately on the milk stand and everyone else is just eating hay.  Much easier to manage this way, and we don’t have to feed everyone grain (that even though the oil prices have gone down it has not “trickled” down to the price of feed!).

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