Humidity falls and dyeing re-commences

We have been counting the days and hours until the hot and humid weather was due to break.  July tends to bring more humid and hot weather around here, so I try not to complain as it is my long-awaited summer break!  But waking up this past two mornings has been such a pleasure… 45 or 50 degrees, breezy and dry.  Yesterday I had every intention of setting up the dye pot and doing some skein dyeing, but of course fate intervened and I ended up spending the morning cleaning out a major portion of the refrigerator.  Big sigh.  Big spill!

Skeining on the niddy-noddy

Today was different, however.  I finally did get a few skeins painted and steamed.  4 of the skeins are our newest yarn, our 3-ply sock weight Ruit Farm wool and mohair.

Painted skeins

They are the gold and green hanks on the left.  The other skeins I dyed are sport weight, 100% Ruit Farm wool.  I really need to visit our friends at Hatchtown Farm and borrow the use of their electric skein-winder, but since I couldn’t get away today I skeined by hand on my 2-yard niddy-noddy.  Basic, but fine!  It was great to get something accomplished, and now maybe I can get a start on one of my new knitting projects!


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