Volunteer update

Our largest volunteer fruit!

We have been watching our youngest compost pile while the squash vine grows larger and larger.  Our volunteer for the year has put out many fruits, but we were having some trouble trying to figure out what it was going to be.  In the beginning the flowers really looked like zucchini flowers, but really, squash flowers are always big and showy!  Then I thought that the fruits were beginning to look like butternut squashes, but we have finally cottoned on to what they really are:  pumpkins!!!  I am glad that I didn’t take bets on it :*)

Barber’s Bunnies agouti baby

Today was a lovely day, in spite of what I had expected.  We had a good farmer’s market this morning and our friend Anna Barber of Barber’s Bunnies had some of her usual suspects with her, some of her babies.  They are always very cute and gorgeous German Angoras, but the one that caught my eye today is what they call an “agouti.”  It has coloring that harkens back to the wild bunny colors, and this little baby is as cute as they come.  I couldn’t stop admiring the little guy.  Too bad I am allergic to rabbits!


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