Goatie misadventures

This probably sounds like a broken record.  We worry ourselves to death over the pregnancy and lambing and kidding times, hoping to have everything in optimal shape for the best outcomes.  But the thing I always forget about is that we have just as much worrying to do after all those babies are born.  They are so fast and so inquisitive that lambs and kids get themselves into some really crazy spots.

The Flying Goatie girls romp with our grandson

This year’s goat kids are quite the riot and very good entertainment value.  The two with long ears (who have more Saanen in them than the other two) we have nicknamed the Flying Walenda Girls.  They are the craziest kids we have ever had around here.  If it is vertical, they are on top of it.  They walk on top of the greenhouses and jump from the big rock to the greenhouse, hop along the ridge pole and then fly on down.  So yesterday I was running late for our Salt Bay Treadler’s monthly meeting and I noticed that none of the goatie girls were on a tear.  I didn’t think too much about it, they were all in the feeders playing and noshing, so I went on my way.

This morning I realized part of why the girls are not on the roof.  One of the big ear girls has a leg injury.  A few inches above her left hind hoof it looks like a bad sprain or a break.  She is getting around fine, so we splinted it, gave her Banamine (an anti-inflammatory), and put her back into the paddock.  And we immediately took her out again to cover the vet-wrap with some heavy-duty tape.  Her mother and her sister had the vet-wrap half undone before we could even look at each other twice!  They definitely are the little dickens.

Our doeling with the injured leg

On the farming front we have been wondering which of the doelings we would be holding back to be our yearly meat goat.  I guess one of them just got nominated.  I hate to see a beautiful doeling going for meat, but unfortunately, that is the way with farming.


4 thoughts on “Goatie misadventures”

  1. Farming always has the toughest of decisions. Many people are amazed, for lack of a better word, that we can eat the things we pet and love on a daily basis. That is farming. Every creature on our farm has a purpose.

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