Lighthouse summer day

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Yesterday was National Lighthouse Day.  We are lucky enough to live about 10 miles up the road from one of the most beautiful on the coast of Maine, Pemaquid Point Light.

Pemaquid Light from the other side

I don’t actually get down there often enough.  Usually when we have visitors from away is when we put down all the things that keep us busy and make time to go and enjoy the view.

Monhegan Island just visible on the horizon, the long, low lump!

After I moved the sheep down in the field to a new section of grass yesterday I came in and took awhile to get cooled down and rehydrated, then I decided to grab a book and head on down the peninsula.  It was a nearly perfect afternoon and so clear that we could see Monhegan Island much more distinctly than usual.  When it’s visible, it definitely does not look like it’s 10 miles away!

I didn’t get any reading done as the view was just too good to miss.  I watched visitors going up into the light tower, the seagulls dive-bombing the business next door, lobster boats pulling traps, and sailboats out in Muscongus Bay.  Very wonderful way to spend the afternoon!


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