Blink and that week has gone

When teachers get closer to the beginning of the school year, no matter how much we love our jobs, we get the panic:  have we gotten as much packed into our summer as we could?  Did we get as much organized and re-done around the house?  Did we have some time to just relax and enjoy?  It never feels like enough, but this summer I feel like I have gotten more accomplished and enjoyed than usual.  I began the summer by scheduling certain days with specific activities in mind, and for the most part I feel like I did almost as much as I could fit in with friends, and I also really tackled some big jobs around the house.  Didn’t get as much done as I had wanted, but that’s always the case.

This past week I had two very lovely days and one rotten evening.  Our friend Chris of the Salt Bay Treadlers had invited me to another spinning group that she participates in every Tuesday, the R and R Spinners.  They usually meet at Pinelands, but every so often they meet at someone’s house.  This past Tuesday was a day at a member’s house on a lake in Auburn.  It was an extremely wonderful day!  Not only was the day perfect, but the group was wonderful and welcomed me in.  It was a fantastic potluck lunch, lots of spinning and chatting, and to top off the perfect day, we spent at least an hour in the lake.  It was so relaxing and cooling that I couldn’t believe it!  Then Thursday we had a crazy, rainy day (not just rainy, but sheets of rain all day).  But it was great because our grandson came to visit and not only spend the day, but also have an overnight.  We had so much fun!  He came to work with me for an hour or two, then we stopped for a snack and continued home to play some puzzle games, read some books, and of course, watch some Thomas the Tank Engine videos!

The bad time was last Monday evening.  I was out doing chores around 6 PM and I walked into one of the greenhouses right through a cloud of moths.  It was not a great idea.  One of these moths, approximately 1/2 inch or so, flew into my right ear, and instead of popping out again, crawled all the way up into my ear canal, flapping madly as it went.  I was home alone and it just wouldn’t come out, and it also wouldn’t stop its hysterical flapping.  I thought I would have liked to throw myself under a bus, but none were passing by at that point and I was more than extremely upset.  I called our friend Pam, who wasn’t in, then tried to get my husband, who luckily was just getting into town from work and he told me he would be home directly.  Before he even got out of his truck as he pulled down the driveway he had a giant flashlight in his hand.  He couldn’t see anything, so I guess I must have some brains in between my ears.   I was losing it at that point, so he threw me in the car and we went to the local emergency room.  I am sure they got a good laugh out of it, but I was one giant drip of sweat, my blood pressure was elevated (ya think???), and I must have looked like a crazy woman in my chore clothes.  Luckily it wasn’t a busy evening in the ER and they suctioned the moth out – it was still alive and flapping like a mad thing – and we went home.  OMG!  I really didn’t need that buggy interlude.  That might be my definition of madness.

Today was farmer’s market morning and then errands.  And so it goes, as Linda Ellerbee always said.


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