Shearing lambs, pumpkins and wonderful weather

Lambs waiting for shearing alongside the pumpkin volunteer!

It has been quite the weekend.  Work for most of the day on Friday, Bristol Area Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning, and then getting ready for lamb shearing on Sunday afternoon (plus regular shopping and errands).  4 lambs are going to the butcher on Wednesday morning and I have not been dealing with the pelts efficiently, so I prefer to get the fleece.  Our lovely shearer, Emily, came over during a very busy weekend at her farm and sheared our four little darlings.  One ewe lamb and 3 ram lambs.

Emily shearing one of the lambs
Shorn lambs finally get their dinner

They have absolutely fantastically beautiful fleeces.  It was an even bigger pleasure to have Chris come by to help with the shearing activities.  It’s difficult to get the lambs out onto the shearing floor, sweep, skirt the fleeces and get the lamb into the next pen.  We got four beautiful fleeces and some very naked lambs.

During this afternoon, our friends from southern Maine came over to pick up one of our gorgeous ram lambs.  So it felt like a party!

Pumpkin on the compost pile

And our volunteer vine has set some seriously beautiful pumpkins, two of which are really orange.  One is even larger, but still green.  I am going to have to do some research on how to tell when a pumpkin should be harvested!

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