Goatie update

Doelings in the feed bunker

Now that our goatie babies are all over 2 months old, we are beginning to find new homes for them.  They have been a constant source of entertainment and they are all sweet, sweet doelings.  But keeping 4 of them would mean a serious population explosion, so we began looking for homes for two of them.  One of Pippi’s short-eared girls and the long-eared girl who did not break her leg!

Bonbel the stellar goat!

We also have an extra adult goat, Bonbel, that we had not really intended to keep.  She is the one who had the long-eared girls this year.  She has kidded twice, both times twins and both times with no problem.  But I hand milk and only can deal with a certain amount of it, so I prefer to only milk two goats a year.  Maybe 3 someday!  So we found out that a friend of ours was interested in her and we did a barter:  she is helping me with trimming goat hooves and she gets a sweet girl who has a lot of milk to share.  I am really pleased!

Bonbel’s girl who has moved on to a family with children!

As for the goat babies, our friend who is taking Bonbel has found a family whose children have been saving up for goats, so they are taking an adult from our friend and two of our babies.  One long-ear and one short-ear.  Our friend Celine took the three of them off yesterday, and today has been a totally new chore time!  The long-eared baby with the broken leg is still here with us and Bonbel her mother is gone, so she had a little bit of a tough time, but Zorro the llama cuddles up with her in the greenhouse, and I found her sleeping next to Pippi’s short-eared girl this morning.  They are great friends and hang out together.  SnowPea, our oldest doe and herd queen, also cuddles up with any of the babies and watches out for all of them.

The crazy goat-baby energy has been cut in half, but this is a step forward and I am glad that we have found really good homes for our girls.  Big sigh!

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