I love this weather

Gold and green day

I don’t want to hurry the seasons and wish for cold weather or anything, but I love the onset of autumn.  This summer has been warmer and more humid than any other summer we have spent here.  And don’t even get me started about the insect explosion this season due to the pathetic winter we had!  Insect vermin have made our lives miserable this past few weeks and the flies in the pasture with the sheep have reached epic proportions.

But we are finally turning the corner now.  Last night I actually had to close the window over my head as it was breezy and down in the forties.  And today, Labor Day, is the perfect Maine day.  Sunny after the fog burned off with a brisk breeze.  While John was mowing down in the pasture I wormed and then moved the sheep, so I did get a tad overheated, but taking some time in the shade with the wind blowing across the hill was fabulous.  So the 4 sheep and the donkey are wormed and in new pasture and we are gearing up for breeding time.  It seems to have gone by so quickly this year.  Lambs to the butcher last week and this week making plans for next year!


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