It’s been a week or two

BabyBea, one of our purebred Coopworth ewe lambs.

Darn.  It’s really gotten away from me.  Work has been intense, and then there was the American Coopworth Registry’s first National sheep show at the Garden State Sheep Breeders in NJ.  Coopworths were the featured breed! And it is our registry’s 10th anniversary which made it equally special.  The sheep show featured a card-graded show which is different from most shows.  It measures each sheep against the breed standard, not against the other sheep there.  It was extremely interesting and informative.  The good news is that most of the sheep our members brought to the show graded in the good to excellent categories.  Which means that we are on the right track with our breeding programs.  Always good to know!

Esther is one of our “blue” purebred Coopworth ewes. She is full of personality and has a great fleece!

And it was a total surprise to us as a breed registry that the Dutchess County (NY) Sheep and Wool Show is highlighting the Coopworth breed in its skein and garment competitions this year.  So we all have the opportunity to mail in our knitted, spun or woven creations for judging.  If anyone needs some Coopworth fiber or yarn, take a look at our member list at our breed site!  We can supply you with all kinds of great fiber :*)


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