Chicken update

It’s always the way.  We just get used to having chicken entertainment behind the house as well as up near the sheep and goat pens,  and things have changed again.  Bad Chicken #2, aka Chicken Licken, disappeared sometime in August.  I can’t say that I am altogether unhappy at not having to avoid a chicken underfoot on the back stairs as well as all her little surprises on the stairs and on the path, but chickens are such great animals they are addictive to watch.  And when the windows are open in the warm weather I could always just hear her soft clucking and chattering somewhere in the background, singing with the crickets and cicadas.  I still watch out for her as I go down the steps, but she seems to have disappeared very completely.  We have had some foxes in the area, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she went home with one of them.  Life in the chicken fast lane is sometimes not so pretty.

Henny Penny roosts at the corner of one of our greenhouses

Bad Chicken #1, aka Henny Penny, is stil alive and kicking however.  She roosts in a spot that I would have thought a little dangerous and open to an owl attack, but she seems to be hanging in there.  She has her own whole feeder which I have left in the hay greenhouse, always stocked with a little scratch and some layer pellets.  She is nice company at chore time, and dances around my feet hoping that I will drop some of the goat’s sweet feed as that is her all-time favorite.  And she is even leaving us eggs about 5 out of 7 days a week.  One green-blue egg a day in the long grass is kind of a nice treat for John in the morning.  We are grateful for anything she shares with us, and I look forward to her company each day!


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