Goat breeding adventures 2012, part the second

Note:  We do not need a Goatie WooWoo Alert for this blogpost!

Pippi and her two June doelings, not AI babies unfortunately

I can’t really say that this is Goat Breeding 2012, as our girls got bred for the 2012 kidding season in January.  We were really behind the times last year and our artificial insemination experiment didn’t get its show on the road until early January.  That’s really pushing the breeding season for goats in this part of the world, and unfortunately the AI didn’t “take,” and we ended up transporting two of our 3 girls down to a friend’s farm to have Pippi and SnowPea bred by their Saanen buck.

This year I vowed to get started much earlier.  Since we now have a contact with a wonderful AI vet, Dr. Whittaker from Turner, Maine, we decided to get started early.  We did not use all of our semen straws last year, so the doc has them in a tank and we will proceed as last year, except in a more timely way (our girls are LaMancha, and we are always hoping to have close to purebred LaMancha babies).

Anyhow, yesterday our friend JoAnn of Beau Chemin Preservation Farm in Waldoboro emailed me to say that the hormones had landed, so I headed over there after work and picked up our box of goodies (she also is doing AI on her goats).  Today was the day for the initial shot of estrogen plus the insertion of the hormone packs.  Not something the girls were looking forward to, I must say.  Our friend was here to lend a hand and the 3 girls are on their way.  In a few weeks we will have the big event:  the visit from the vet with his tricked-out van and wonderful staff.  And then we cross our fingers and hope!


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