Hurricane prep and breeding begins again!

Truck almost unloaded

Yesterday we were busy.  Not just another Saturday, but a really crazy day.  We went to get some hay and came home.  Thank goodness our son came over and helped unload it, as it is Canadian compressed and the bales weigh about 65 lbs, at least.  I was also shifting a lot of equipment in readiness for the storm, and then it was time for our

Shearing Nutkin

shearer Emily to shear a few lambs and a ewe to prepare for a trip to the butcher.  After that it was time to pen the 4 ewes who are going to be bred, and get the sheep coats on them.

Coated and ready for action!

I was ready to do some worming, but all the girls seem to be in very good condition with pink mucous membranes, so we coated them and called it good!  Hopefully they are ready for the ram.  Arriving today!



2 thoughts on “Hurricane prep and breeding begins again!”

  1. It is for keeping their fleeces clean while eating hay over the winter. Also, the crayon that the ram is wearing is pretty hard on the fleece (it’s supposed to wash out, but sometimes it doesn’t). Also easier to see the marks and get a pretty close due date!

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