And breeding is in full swing

Cole has marked Etti already!

Yesterday afternoon our friends Jim and Pam from Hatchtown Farm brought over a ram for us to lease for the breeding season.  Cole is an exceptionally beautiful black ram, silver, grey and black.  He has the appropriately wrinkly, blown nose that tells us he already has some good rammie experience!  And it’s also that time of year.  (A ram’s nose gets swollen and wrinkly as breeding season arrives.  It must make them more able to note the hormone levels in the ewes).

Cole and Fern

When they backed the trailer in, Cole was glued to the opening in the back door, probably already noting the female presence nearby.  It took the three of us to get the marking harness in place while he pulled and struggled to get closer to the girls.   Trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey, we let him loose in the pen with the 4 ewes and Jingle the donkey.  No doubt about it, Etti is definitely his new love!  She has the blue crayon markings to show for it, but we knew right away that they were the couple of the day.  He couldn’t take his eyes off her, and they spent the whole afternoon side by side.

Cole checks out Esther

We have gotten our breeding started a little later than usual, so I hope that the girls are not cycling too far apart.  Don’t want to have lambs spread out too much in the spring!


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