A Memorable anniversary

Setting up for the artifical insemination

So we lucked out in this hurricane.  I know that there are quite a few people in Maine without power, but we can’t complain too badly, compared to what is going on in the mid-Atlantic.  I did hear from my older son in northern NJ and he is safe, but did comment that it’s like a war zone.  I can believe it.  Very sad.

We got to celebrate our 31st anniversary in the pouring rain while trying to get our goats set up for their artificial insemination appointment.  Of course today had to be the day!  We do not have a barn, and our greenhouses are not in the greatest shape.  Our hay greenhouse, not being accessed by animals as well as being pointed in a better direction than the others, is the best of all four.  So we set up there and when Whit the vet arrived he told us that that would work.  As John and I were needed to hold the goats on both sides, I only got two photos, while we were setting up.  Ah well, it’s always an interesting experience and I was able to follow the whole process a little more closely this year.  We had semen straws leftover from last year, kept at the vet’s place in his nitrogen tank.

SnowPea waits for her turn

Let’s hope that some of these breedings take hold.  When the vet’s helper did an examination of the semen it appears as though the straw we used on SnowPea was not quite as good as the straws we used on the other two girls.  So we will keep good thoughts for the breeding.  It’s always an adventure!


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