Rambling weekend road trip

Well it’s been quite the week.  Another storm, which luckily didn’t cancel school, just gave us a delayed opening.  Then nicer weather arrived with warmer temperatures in time for my jaunt to Vermont to visit with our friend Jane of Brigid’s Farm.  Pam (of Hatchtown Farm) took the ride with me which made the trip a lot more fun.  And of course, mostly the trip was about picking up one of Jane’s dairy goat buck babies.  He is destined to be our back-up breeding buck this year.

Since the weather was good, we decided to take the more northern route which took us up through Lewiston-Auburn and then out through Oxford Hills and up through Bethel, Maine and over into the top of the NH White Mountains.  I have not been through the Franconia Notch in many years, and I was very happy to be traveling that way on such a beautiful day.  Crossing the top of New Hampshire and toodling into northern Vermont was very relaxing.  We only traveled on a major highway for a few miles, and the rest of the trip was on two lane, very scenic roads.

We had a really lovely visit with Jane, her husband, and her beautiful sheep, dairy and angora goats.  Our little bucky boy is extremely sweet, and he weathered the ride in the back of the Subaru in a dog crate quite well.  Luckily he is young enough that he doesn’t smell overwhelmingly buckish, and we noticed the muskiness more after getting out of the car to stretch our legs and take some photos at a small theme park in NH, Six Gun City.  What a hoot!

Here are some photos that highlight the trip.  It was nice to get away, even for such a short visit!

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