Where’s the crayon?

Cole the ram, trussed up like the proverbial turkey in his marking harness, sans crayon! (I took this photo in almost no light and enhanced it in iPhoto, so it isn’t the best quality)

Breeding the ewes has crossed a definite demarcation line.  Cole the Ram has been in with the ewes for over a cycle.  (Ewes have a hormone cycle of about 15-18 days).  When we get the ram in with the ewes we put a crayon on him and when he breeds one of the girls, they get marked with that crayon color.  We are past the first cycle, and about a week ago Pam and I changed the crayon color to orange, so that we could see if any of the ewes didn’t “take” during the first round, and were being bred again.  Everything was going well, but yesterday morning as I was doing chores in the dark, I bent down to pick up my hay sling, and I thought my headlamp light caught a big empty where the crayon should be on Cole’s brisket.  Well, that’s pretty funny.  I didn’t spend a lot of time pondering it as I had to get to work, but last evening I looked again.  Definitely no crayon!  I looked everywhere around their paddock, but alas have not found it.  Maybe the mice carried it off.  They have a penchant for consuming crayons left outside.  Maybe I can follow the bright orange mouse droppings to the culprit’s lair…

Oh dear.  I know that Cole was chasing HoneyBea Sunday night and yesterday morning, but I won’t know if he bred her Monday.  It might just be boredom on his part, but you never know!  I guess it’s time to get another crayon out for the remainder of the season!


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