Last Sunday in November

Cole the ram shares a half of a pumpkin with Etti and Esther the ewes on Thanksgiving.

And it seems much too close to the holidays and the new year to be!  Hanukkah is the next holiday on the calendar, starting in two weeks, then the Solstice, Christmas and the New Year.

So we ended this Thanksgiving weekend with an overnight visit from our grandson, which is always entertaining and lively.  We had a good time.  Watched some Thomas the Tank Engine movies, made playdoh things, read some books and did some puzzles.  We also visited with some friends and our grandson got to play some softball with our friend’s daughter (who is an amazing high school pitcher, but who very kindly caught Sawyer’s throws as well).

Today was not as pleasant weather-wise as I had hoped. Got some fencing switched around out in the sheep paddock area and after more than two hours out there the wind finally got to me and I came in for some tea.  Now the skies are really looking November-ish, grey and semi-overcast. After evening milking I will begin to get ready for the work week.  Actually a full five day work week.  Not looking forward to getting up in the dark again, however!  I have been spoiled and have not jumped out of bed until almost 6 this past four days.  I guess it will be good to get back into the routine :*)


2 thoughts on “Last Sunday in November”

  1. Thank you for your sheepy postings. I’m so lucky to be able to live on a farm in New England vicariously through your blog. I shared quite a bit of the information about sheep breeding with my husband on our walk the other day. After living on a sailboat together now for 6 years – and 37 years of marriage, it’s invigorating to have something new and different to talk about (and he’s glad he doesn’t have to live where it gets cold!)

  2. Thanks for your comments! It’s always nice to get a window into how other folks live. You definitely qualify as one who has an interesting life, living on your sailboat!

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