They’re baack!

Zelda watches
Zelda watches with Elf in the background

Elf and Zelda, that is!  Two of our goats that had been sojourning over at Bridge Farm in Dresden.  They have come back to us as Bridge Farm is for sale and they are downsizing in readiness.  Our girls have been missed, and we were really happy to see them back!  Elf is one of the original does that we brought from Lamp Oil Farm in Pennsylvania quite a few years ago.  She was just a couple of months old when we got her and she grew into a beautiful doe.  Unfortunately, the other goats that we had here a few years ago picked on her mercilessly.  We didn’t have a different paddock to house her in, so she and her doeling Zelda went to Bridge Farm.  They have done extremely well there and are sweet, gentle goats who are giving good milk.  We thought we were only going to have them visiting here to be bred, but it turns out that they are here for good.

Beautiful Zelda!
Beautiful Zelda!

We tried getting them integrated with the sheep and goat group in one of the winter paddocks, but there was too much fighting going on between all the goats.  (The white goats are so used to being in charge!).  So we moved Elf and Zelda into the ewe breeding group side of the paddocks and they seem to be settling in well.  I don’t have a great photo of the two of them at hand, but I got a great snap of Zelda, with Elf in the background with her glowing eyes!


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