Portrait of the day

Had a chance two days in a row to do afternoon chores in daylight!  I always appreciate that at this time of year.  It makes me feel as though I am not on top of things if I can only see the sheep and goats in the light of my headlamp and a few well-placed light fixtures…  Taking care of things before they become a big problem is crucial to a healthy herd and flock.  And to do that, we really need to be seeing and observing.  Ah well, it is already December 6th, so it’s not quite 15 days until the Solstice.  Sigh!

My head really took a hit tonight, however, at chore time.  I dressed for chores and presumed that it was at least 30-35 degrees out there.  By the time I was half through with milking, my head hurt it was so cold, and I thought I was going to end up with a migraine at the very least!  (I have never had a migraine, but I can only imagine).  When I came in I realized it was only 23 degrees and the NW wind was still blowing.  My dressing rules can’t take effect if I don’t plan ahead!

Having some friends over for a Hanukkah potluck on Saturday night.  Really looking forward to the holiday cheer!


2 thoughts on “Portrait of the day”

  1. I get migraines a lot and they are very bad to deal with… almost like your brain is squeezed, but about to increase in size and explode, throbbing, and shooting pain… not fun… I am glad you don’t get them 😉 Love the goat pics 🙂

  2. I love the way the goats pose for the photos. They are definitely a lively bunch! So sorry to hear that you have migraines. They must be awful.

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