Hanukkah party 2012

New twinkle lights are up!
New twinkle lights are up!

And it was a great party.  Lots of wonderful food and laughter.  We get so stuck in our usual ruts that it’s difficult for me to switch gears and pull it together enough to have people over in a group.  (Read here, I am not a very dedicated housekeeper!).  So it’s really nice when we do take the time to spiff things up a little and make the effort.  I don’t usually stay up that late, and I woke up at the usual time, a little after 4, so I am dragging today.  I went back to bed for a little while, but I am thinking that I should sleep quite well tonight!

Leg of lamb hit the spot
Leg of lamb hit the spot

I roasted a leg of lamb and instead of making potato latkes, made scalloped potatoes (latkes are messy and they are much better if made and eaten immediately).  Other folks brought some lovely squash and lentils, homegrown kale, meatloaf, baked carrots, and we had goat cheese and John’s delicious semolina bread.  And a bit of wine!

Hand-turned dreidl next to a felted pin cushion our friend Kris made
Hand-turned dreidl next to a felted pin cushion our friend Kris made

Jim of Hatchtown Farm brought a gift as well.  He makes beautiful hand-turned hand spindles and other wooden tools for spinners and he made a gorgeous dreidl.  We did not engage in a game of dreidl, but we had some fun spinning it across the table.

Lamb stock pot
Lamb stock pot

Today I did a leisurely clean-up and took the opportunity to make some lamb stock with the gigantor lamb bone and some good greens and onions.  There weren’t a lot of pan dripping from the roast and I would really like to make some shepherd’s pie soon, so the stock will come in handy.

P1000274I forgot to take a photo of the menorah last night, so I took one this afternoon for day #2!  Happy Hanukkah!


2 thoughts on “Hanukkah party 2012”

  1. OH! So happy my felted pincushion’s presence meant I was there in spirit. Sounds like it was a wonderful party.

  2. Thanks, Kris, you definitely were! (I took all the T-pins out of it before everyone came so it would just look perfect and beautiful!).

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