Frustrating morning

The goats and bred ewes attacking their hay tonight
The goats and bred ewes attacking their hay tonight

The storm that is bringing a lot of bad weather to the northeast hit us sometime during the night.  With ice, to begin with, and then pretty steady rain.  Cold rain, which was just a lovely addition to the mud in the paddocks.  Running a little late this morning, I decided that I would not collect milk as usual and instead of my stainless buckets, use a plastic one and discard the milk, so I could save some time and get to work without having a heart attack, or an accident.  Doe number two got onto the milk stand and proceeded to Hoover her grain and when she was finished, stepped in the bucket.  Well, aside from wearing the milk, no loss I guess.  Then doe number three refused to come out of the shelter greenhouse and cross the paddock to be milked in the other greenhouse.  (Doe #3, aka SnowPea, hates the bad weather in a big way.  Can’t really blame her, it was nasty).  Part way through her milking I got the text message that our school district had a one-hour delay due to the icy roads in some parts of our district.  Would have been nice to have had that info a little earlier, maybe I could have waited a few minutes and had a calm chore time with a little more daylight!

Ah well, it was a stolen moment for an extra cup of coffee.  And I was able to prevent my pet peeve:  coming home in the afternoon to an unmade bed!  And tonight things were supposed to be calmer, but Zelda (one of the does that just came back to the farm) was out and about when I got out there for evening chores.  Not sure what she was looking for, but she seemed happy to get back in with her friends when I grabbed her.  It’s always something!


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