The first efforts, the Ugly Needhams!
The first efforts, the Ugly Needhams!

Are a very traditional Maine confection.  They are delicious!  A wonderful chocolate-covered coconut candy.  The first time I had them we had not been living here for very long, and I was totally shocked at the secret ingredient in them.  They are close in flavor to a Mounds candy bar, but better.

I always try and send my inlaws something for the holidays that is typical to New England, and particularly to Maine.  So this year I decided that I would make some Needhams for them.  One of my work colleagues offered me her family recipe, which I thought was extremely generous.  So last weekend I went to work, and figured that it would be a fun afternoon.  I used to make candy when we lived in NJ, so I figured it would be a snap.  Wrong!!!  I think the secret ingredient makes it more possible to have a mess when dipping into the chocolate… and I certainly made a mess!

It got better as I went, and when I chilled the filling a little more and then dipped it, it began to look a little more acceptable.  But the first efforts were not very pretty!  Needless to say, I did not send the ugly Needhams to New Jersey.  The prettier ones took that trip.  And the secret ingredient is:  mashed potato!


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