Button love


Most of us grew up in a household that had a button box or bag.  We had a very large, old tin filled to overload proportions. When I was in first grade my grandfather, a tailor, taught me how to sew buttons onto fabric.  He was recuperating from cataract surgeries at our house, and we used to sit in the sunroom and sew.  I had all different kinds of fabric scraps, and after he taught me how to do a running stitch and hem the material, he taught me how to get buttons on.  I happily sewed buttons onto fabric in all different designs, and then just as happily cut them off and did it all over again.  I was a very bad asthmatic as a child and I was used to doing quiet activities, particularly in the spring, and in my memory it was spring (although I have no one to corroborate that!).  My troll doll collection all got new clothing that was adorned with many buttons the year after that!

Button milk bottle
Button milk bottle

I have no idea where my mother’s button tin ended up.  Suffice it to say, I don’t have it.  Every once in awhile I pick up some buttons, and when I anticipate a knitting project that will need them, I begin looking.  I must have been moaning about not having a button box one day to our friend Chris, and a few months later, she showed up with this really wonderful gift:  an old glass milk bottle filled to the brim with buttons!  I just love that bottle, and for many months have had it sitting on our coffee table as it is so colorful.  I love looking at it.  My husband also appreciates the milk bottle, coming from a dairying family as he does, and it’s nice that molded into the glass is the name “Drew’s Dairy Inc, Augusta, Maine.”  We have collected old milk bottles for many years, and the ones that my husband loves best are the ones that have the name of the dairy molded right into the glass.

So as I was finishing up a knitting project yesterday during the bad weather, I tipped out the button bottle and had a lot of fun picking through the little jewels.  I happily took a lot of time to  choose the correct combination of buttons for my project.  The project was finished up this morning, and unfortunately I cannot put a photo in here as it is a gift that will accompany me to our yearly spinner’s group Christmas/Solstice/New Year’s party tomorrow.  I will post a photo after that.  Maybe whoever gets the gift will let me photograph them in it :*)


5 thoughts on “Button love”

  1. Well I remember the button box! I have a canning jar I’m collecting buttons in, but a milk bottle would be nice, too. I just bought a quart milk bottle at a church fair thinking I’ll use it for half n’ half for my coffee — if I can find a cork or stopper to fit.

  2. What a great love story about buttons, thanks for sharing it! Me too I have childhood memories of odd buttons mixed in a box. I think I knew almost all of them after hours of exploring, viewing, sorting, picking my favourites. Amazing how those little things keep being so fascinating, isn’t it?

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