Henny Penny rocks!

Henny Penny roosts
Henny Penny roosts

Our sweet Henny Penny, the last remaining rogue chicken-on-the-loose, has finally exited her hide-out in the milking greenhouse.  When the really deep snow fell just after Christmas she took up residence on the far end of that structure. She roosts in there and has been spending her days in there as well.  I put a little pan of grain nearby for her, but her “real” hanging chicken feeder is in the greenhouse we use to store hay and grain.  It’s about 30 feet away and it must have seemed like at least a  continent away to her in the blustery wind and the piles of snow.  I have worried about her accessing water, but when I put out little pans of it, it has just frozen up so fast that I never knew if she had gotten any.  She is a 3 and a half year old survivor, so I have just presumed that she will survive if it’s meant to be.

Henny Penny tracks in the snow!
Henny Penny tracks in the snow!

Yesterday and today we have had some sun and daytime temps into the mid to upper 30s.  (Nice for some of the ice melting in the parking lot at work).  When I went out to chores this afternoon I was very pleasantly pleased to see all kinds of chicken prints in the snow between the two greenhouses, as well as some tossed hay in that greenhouse (as well as some plump chicken poops!).  When I was milking she was already roosting back in the milking greenhouse, but I am hoping that she continues to wander out in this lovely January thaw!

Just-after-sunset sky
Just-after-sunset sky

I was out just about the time the sun was setting, close to 4:25.  After I was finished with chores I took some photos of the sky in all its twilight beauty 🙂


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