Early wake-up call

Jingle makes herself heard
Jingle makes herself heard

At 4 a.m., 15 minutes before my alarm goes off.  How exceptionally unkind!  Jingle our donkey was braying up a storm which is not usual for her.    She usually tells the world that she is hungry and expects her feed to be served at 5:20 (she’s quite exact) a.m. when I am usually out there.  So this early call was kind of alarming. When I stepped out of the house to go check on the situation, I immediately had a clue.  I had not been able to hear it before leaving the house, but Elf the Doe was screaming her news all over the neighborhood… yes, she is in heat!  Her cries were echoing around our little valley like a steamwhistle.  I got up there to find that

Elf the doe
Elf the doe

she was standing on her hind legs, leaning on the fence, calling for all she was worth.  Poor thing.  Since she did not get bred in November or December I am going to leave her dry and then breed her early next fall.  She is the oldest of all our goats and I want to make sure she is in good condition going into the next breeding cycle.

I am very jealous of every minute of sleep I have available.  Hopefully she doesn’t have a difficult night and scare poor Jingle into calling out the troops again!


2 thoughts on “Early wake-up call”

  1. All was fine last night. I was awake before the alarm, but not because of Jingle, mostly because of a head cold!

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