Friday night is finally here

Snowy landscape
Snowy landscape

It’s here!  Very exciting stuff.  The week has been quite the eventful one because the flu has hit our local high school pretty hard.  As the week has progressed, more students have dropped every day along with a good chunk of the faculty (up to about 43% of the student body).  I rotate between the high school and the middle school, so hopefully I have not come as face-to-face with the offending virus as closely as I might have.  My sinuses are stuffy and a scratchy throat has plagued me this week, along with a little wheezing, but over all, I am REALLY glad to be home and am ready for a very relaxing weekend!

Daytime temps have been above freezing all week, so I have re-acclimatized to not piling on quite as many layers, and chores have been a relaxing pleasure.  Having one less goat to milk has made a huge difference in the quality of chore time, and I am enjoying a few extra minutes with my girls at each milking.  Chevre-making is going ahead at two batches a week, so I am able to sock away a really nice stock for the dry months.  I had been considering going down to one milking a day in preparation for drying off the does, but I think that I will put that off for another few weeks.  I love the routine and the contact with the does.  And I can’t imagine life without them.


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