Foggy day

Foggy afternoon
Foggy afternoon

In more ways than one!  My hopes on skating past the flu have been dashed, and I am home with the chills, fever, aches and head stuff.  If it doesn’t get worse than this I will consider myself lucky.  Hanging out on the sofa with Tesser the Chihuahua drinking tea.  Not good times, but not as bad as it could be.

The day has matched my foggy head.  The snow is still on the ground and the air temps are still up there in the 40s, so the fog has lurked over the snow all day.  No sun anywhere that I can see.  I think I heard that those temperatures are going to be dropping quite a bit overnight.  January thaw, it’s time to exit!

It’s getting closer to chore time, so I guess I will take some more ibuprofen and get ready.


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