Frigid days

The Canadian arctic winds are bearing down upon us this week.  Last night it went down to a little below zero which is bad enough, but the wind gusts had to have been around 15-30 mph.  I woke up so many times during the night it wasn’t funny, and it was always to the sound of the wind.  Not friendly weather for animals or humans.  The sheep do ok if they have a windbreak, but the goats suffer a little more.  Our little Turtle the bucky boy doesn’t have much meat on his bones.  I got a coat on him awhile ago and am hoping that it helps.  A few of the sheep were shorn in the fall because of either a fleece issue, or to get them ready for the butcher, but they have coats on so they have at least a little extra wind-break layer.

Luckily we got a load of straw a few weeks ago so I have made sure there is a deep bed of the stuff in strategically placed areas that are out of the wind.  If they dig in, hopefully they will weather this night.  I am hopeful that the little buck will cozy up to Zorro the llama as usual and keep it safe.

Doing chores today was a clothing adventure as well.  I resorted to two pairs of merino wool long johns, an undershirt, t-shirt, waffle-weave long sleeve, turtle neck, sweater, lined Wolverine shirt, vest, thick mohair socks, gloves and wool cap.  My fingers and toes still felt it by the end of the 45 minutes to an hour out there!  Too bad I have to take my gloves off to milk!  Here’s hoping the next few frigid days go past without too much drama.


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