Warm, cold, wind and loss

Almost naked compost pile
Almost naked compost pile

More bad weather today, just not cold.  53 degrees this morning and the wind was not just gusting but steadily blowing a gale force, with rain of course. Lots of power outages and trees down on wires.  The ice is gone from most of the driveway, and I hope that some of the wet dries up before the cold sets in again tonight so that we can prevent the driveway from becoming a skating rink.  Our power has been out all day and we are still waiting.  Luckily the Honda generator is going and we have water, a few lights, and heat.

Things are otherwise fairly quiet, except that we lost our little Turtle the bucky boy over the weekend.  The day before the very last day of the extreme cold, I went out for chores and found him cast (on his back, stuck) in his little corner behind where the llama and two of the ewe lambs sleep with him.  He must have been tucked in there and gotten turned over trying to get up.  I can second-guess myself on everything I did (particularly putting a deep bed of straw down), but certainly there is nothing I can do to change it, and it doesn’t make me feel any better.  He was a sweet little creature, and we will miss him, even though he wasn’t here for more than a few months.  Farming definitely carries its ups and downs, and unfortunately he will not be a part of our little farm future.  :*(


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