Tuesday of vacation week already

Nutkin the white ewe lamb
Nutkin the white ewe lamb, with brown ewe lamb behind her

It always comes and goes so quickly!  I guess it’s a cosmic rule somewhere that needs to be fulfilled.  Sigh.  I spent most of this morning doing things like going to the safety deposit box to get my birth certificate, then getting up to Rockland to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles so I could (ahem) renew my license, which is a wee bit overdue (the cutoff was my last birthday, on Feb. 11th.  Sheesh!).  Renewals in Maine are only every 5 years, so I can’t complain about that, but this time I had to have more documentation.  Laws changed a few years back about having proof of residency and proof of being a legal citizen.  (I can’t argue about that either, it’s a very reasonable request, but if I had not had to have it, I could have just renewed online.)  So we toodled up there armed with all kinds of reading material, and surprise, surprise, we got in and out of there in 15 minutes flat!  Wow.  That has to be a record.  They very graciously offered to take a new photo of me, but also offered to leave the other one there if I wanted.  At the age of 59, who would want a new photo!  Hah!  How funny is that!

Etti and Fern with Zelda the goat standing back
Etti and Fern with Zelda the goat standing back

Otherwise, all was calm here this morning.  A few snowmobilers flying up and down the trail that edges our driveway, but other than that the weather and the day has been a quiet one.  When I went out to feed the girls this morning I had to smile:  Nutkin the white ewe lamb gave her siren baa when I had just started up the driveway.  She is so funny, and has such a different lambie voice that I can always tell it’s her.  I love her face, she’s as cute as anything, and definitely loves her breakfast!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday of vacation week already”

  1. Vacations seem like they are a time for appointments. We have had dentists, orthodontists, taxes, and there is still a trip to the oral surgeon. I had planned to get much more done but oh well, at least I can wear my old jeans all week.

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