Same photo op, different day

Driveway snow
Driveway snow

It’s snowing again, what a surprise.  Today it is hovering around freezing in the temperature department so the snow is heavy and wet, but nonetheless very beautiful.  I definitely overdressed for chores this morning!

Fern, Etti and Jingle
Fern, Etti and Jingle

Heading up the driveway I took advantage of the magical driveway photo in the unblemished snow.  And of course, photos of sheep in snow always make me smile, so of course I had to get Fern and Etti pre-breakfast lounging.

The mandatory snow photo of the big birch on the ridge!
The requisite snow photo of the big birch on the ridge!

Today is that last luscious day of break.  I had an utterly satisfying day on Friday, my only “big day out” of the week.  I shared the day with our friend Chris in Brunswick where we did some spinning, had a lovely lunch, and then just finished the afternoon with a walk and some more fiber stuff.  From there, I went to meet with our friends Pam of Hatchtown Farm and Kathy of Bridge Farm, for one of the dinners we try to do every so often.  (Getting 3 farmer women together over dinner is a little dangerous…  we always talk shop and discuss some of our most noteworthy experiences, which sometimes can be distressing to folks sitting nearby.  We need to try and behave!).  It was a very refreshing, non-rushed day to end the week.

And so this morning I am cooking up some tomato sauce for dinner and it is already smelling wonderful.  Time also to go upstairs and try to pull some organization together in the fiber loft.  One of those occasions when I wish we could rent a magic wand!  But, I am sure that I will come across some long-forgotten treasures as well, which is always a fun thing to do on a wintery snow day.  Now where did I put my coffee cup?


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