Messy snow scene
Messy snow scene

We have had the luxury of not having to scurry around over vacation to get ready for shearing and lambing.  Most years we have bred our ewes so that they are due mid-March, with some of them lambing early in March, after shearing during the first part of the February break.  Considering the kind of weather we are having this winter, I am really glad for the chance to welcome some warmer weather in before doing either of these things (we hope!).  March can be a very unstable month, weather-wise, but I am seriously hoping that the overnight temperatures in the single digits and below zeros will be behind us now.  I don’t mind going out in the middle of the night when it is in the mid and upper twenties at all, and thirties are even better :*)

Shearing is coming up in two weeks, and since we don’t have a barn, I have to hope for the best in terms of weather, because even though we have shelter in the greenhouses, we shear in one, and then have to run the fleeces down into the milking area in another greenhouse.  So if it’s rainy, it’s a bit of trouble.  Don’t want those fleeces wet, before or after they come off the sheep!

But for now, we are just preparing for the next winter storm.  Rain, and then possible 6-12 inches of snow.  Hmmm.


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